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Luxure Magazine Ltd

Luxure is the most exclusive style magazine attracting the very best advertisers and sponsors. The Magazine is published biannually in April and September. It provides an assured and aspirational guide to the ultimate in the latest culture of luxury; from fashion to the arts, travel to interiors, all presented from an authoritative perspective.

Luxure has a unique and focused distribution network. As well as being supplied directly to a host of Royals, Presidents, diplomats and CEOs, it is also distributed to some luxurious ‐ hand‐picked outlets around the world, ranging from the most expensive penthouse in London and a private jet firm in Dubai to the biggest super‐yacht in Monaco and a private hideaway spa in the Maldives.

The publication is also available in a select number of retailers including Harrods, Selfridges and The Whitechapel Gallery.


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