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Services - Multimedia

"Experience is the teacher of all things" - Julius Caesar

Over the years multimedia has changed. Requirements for these services have focussed on the corporate market place and Cooltide are ideally positioned to assist corporate comapanies with their requirements. Our in house specialists can assist from brief to production.

  • All
  • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Video Production
  • ELearning
  • Presentations

    PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash or Full Video presentations we can create an experience your clients will remember.
    • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Catalogues on Disc

    You can have your entire product range on disc. Give your customers direct access to your catalogue. We can create you a full catalogue that’s really fast to browse and does not rely on an internet connection.
    • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Application Demos

    Keep file sizes to a minimum, Cooltide can re-work complex applications for demonstration on-line. Forget cumbersome screen-grabs demonstrate the full potential of your application by streaming vector-based versions to prospective clients on-line. The result is tiny in comparison yet slick, reliable and easy to use.
    • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Interactive Business Cards

    Make your business cards interactive. Your companies details appear on the surface but slip the disk into your CD drive and voila! You can link into your website, company profile, even a movie clip of you talking, hand one of these out and you'll definitely be remembered.
    • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Packaging Design & Print

    From clear flexible PVC wallets to custom designed software boxes we can make your products really stand out with our designs. We also offer duplication and replication services so you can get a turnkey solution from us.
    • Interactive CD & DVDs
  • Creative Web Videos

    From landing page videos to online trailers using web videos we can help you enhance the marketing potential of your website. With combinations of video, graphics and special effects, all put together to produce an outstanding video.
    • Video Production
  • Virtual Video Tours

    From hotel receptions, to private villas, using the latest steadicam technology we can produce a walk through video tour to show off your location, venue and property.
    • Video Production
  • Corporate Videos

    We can produce, high impact innovative videos, staff training videos, interviews & presentations. We offer all types of corporate video productions.
    • Video Production
  • Encoding

    We can encode video and audio for streaming or download via the web in a variety of sizes and formats. With quality checks throughout the whole process we want you videos to be the best possible quality.
    • Video Production
  • Editing

    Using the best real-time non-linear editing hardware and software suites we can edit your video to your brief while maintaining the highest possible quality.
    • Video Production
  • 3D Animation

    From 3D video graphics to product modelling we can visualise your services and products.
    • Video Production
  • Steaming Video

    From hosting your existing video files to live streaming of your event we can provide you with complete web based video production services.
    • Video Production
  • DVD Production

    We can help your business by creating a navigable DVD with menus, chapters, subtitles branded to your specification.
    • Video Production
  • DVD & CD Duplication

    We offer a full DVD and CD duplication services. So we can work with through the whole process from initial concept to final replication to DVD.
    • Video Production
  • Educational

    We can help you create electronic ways of learning and teaching. From web-based solutions to virtual classrooms we can help you create a fully interactive solution for learning and teaching.
    • ELearning
  • Interactive Training

    Using the latest technology we can help you create software demonstrations or interactive simulations. We can include rich media elements including video and sound to your staff training material.
    • ELearning
  • Assessment & Evaluation

    We can create powerful, secure easy-to-use assessment tools. From Basic Skills assessment, to ICT skills evaluation.
    • ELearning

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